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eLogbook® works exclusively with our patented invehicle RoadScout® technology. Whether your organisation runs 1 car or 1000’s of cars, eLogbook will transform the way you run your fleet.Once installed, drivers will be automatically prompted to record the reason for each journey (Business or Private) and eLogbook does the rest. eLogbook® will save time and money and improve your FBT outcome – GUARANTEED!


iPhone App

eLogbook is an electronic log book that automatically populates vehicle trip information from data collected by the RoadScout® and can be used as a standalone web-based application.

This all happens live and dramatically reduces driver and administrative time related to manual logbooks and FBT problems.




Push Notification

The new Smartphone App prompts drivers to automatically enter logbook details when the vehicle’s ignition is turned off. The driver has the option to enter trip details now or leave for later. Weekly reminders are sent to prompt completion of any unassigned trips.



Like the push notification in the smartphone app – at the end of each trip an email is sent to the driver as a prompt to enter trip details at the time or as a reminder for later when they have more time.

Business or Private

Drivers are able to distinguish between personal and business trips and can add information relevant to each trip.
eLogbook makes FBT reporting easy and accurate using logged and categorised kilometres travelled.


eLogbook Reports

Vehicle Logbook Reports – way more than just a spreadsheet!
The best 12 week FBT ratio is automatically calculated for each vehicle. Greater accuracy in less time for an optimised return.


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eLogBook™ + FleetConnect

Track & Trace for higher visibility. FleetConnect is a rich cloud-based application that improves productivity and reduces operating costs.  FleetCOnnect provides secure, remote access to real-time vehicle and mobile employee activity. Detailed reports allow you to monitor and manage arrival times, onsite time and workloads to help maximise billing and minimise driving hours.

eLogbook and Fleetconnect


eLogbook is designed & developed in Australia by GPS Innovations. GPS Innovations is dedicated to enhancing the value of our customer’s business through an intelligent integration of wireless location technology, information and services.

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