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Take the stress out of managing driver FBT vehicle logbooks by implementing
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Leave outdated logbook processes in the past.
elogbook® is here for you!

Leave outdated logbook processes in the past.
elogbook® is here for you!

Automatic reporting

elogbook® records the best 12 week period for each driver and vehicle to streamline the FBT recording process.

Notifications for your drivers

Follow up notifications and alerts to ensure drivers are compliant with your elogbook® process.

Stay ahead of the curve

elogbook® gives you peace of mind with our structured end of year FBT rollover process and simple management tools.

Formatted reports

Reports and raw data are collected, ready to be pushed into your finance system.


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Join the vast array of companies of all sizes and across all industries that trust elogbook® to manage their vehicle logbooks and FBT

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Reduce your FBT liability

Anywhere access cloud-based app

Fast and easy installation

ATO compliant class ruling 2015/60

ATO Class Ruling

Pool-vehicle friendly system

Clear accurate reporting


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